EZ-Door Product Information

What is EZ-Door?

EZ-Door is a fast, inexpensive and easy way to transform your flat interior doors into attractive paneled doors.  Paneled doors are a wonderful way to improve the look and feel of your home’s interior.  Today, paneled doors are more common and add a sense of taste to the interior decor.

Why EZ-Door instead of new paneled doors?

Each EZ-Door package comes with a top and bottom frame that adheres to your current flat door.  This makes the project much faster, much easier and much less expensive than replacing your flat door with paneled doors.

What door sizes are available?

EZ-Door comes in one convenient size to fit most interior flat doors:

For 28″, 30″ and 32″ wide doors (Item# EZD-FR-30)

How much does EZ-Door cost?

EZ-Door is available through The Home Depot for only $32.93, plus shipping and taxes.

Where can EZ-Door be purchased?

EZ-Door is available at The Home Depot.

What’s inside the EZ-Door Package?

Box Contents

EZ-Door Trade Show Image

     28″, 30″ & 32″ Wide Door Contents

Where can more information about the caulk be obtained?


Compare a Typical Door Replacement to EZ-Door

Door replacement is complicated and takes hours

Many hand tools and power tools
Purchase the doors (usually more expensive than EZ-Door)
Remove the old doors
Remove old hinges and door knob if you’re re-using them
Dispose of or repurpose the old doors
Install the hinges and door knob.
Install the new doors (often quite difficult and challenging for many Do-it-yourselfers)
Trim the new doors to fit
Clean up the work area, vacuum, touch up any damage around the door
Done in a few hours
Paint the new doors

Install EZ-Door in about 15 minutes – No Tools!

No Tools
Purchase EZ-Door
Adhere EZ-Door
Caulk EZ-Door with supplied caulking
Done in about 15 minutes
Paint the door


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